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Telegram self-signed certificate on CentOS + Nginx

Simply create cert via Openssl as described here: after that, configure the nginx : jump to step 2… good luck!

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simplest way to install FFmpeg on CentOS

After heading to the official ffmpeg download page, click the link under Linux Static Builds. Click the appropriate (32- or 64-bit) and desired (snapshot or numbered) release to download. If the libav version of ffmpeg was installed, remove it. The two can not reside on the same machine. Extract the files (and two directories) as […]

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4 easiest ways to install LAMP server on Ubuntu

In this guide I will show you the easiest way, how to install a LAMP server. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. There are many methods to install LAMP, for example the standart one see this howto for ubuntu: Howto: Install LAMP and phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu Method One (using Terminal) Under Terminal type command: […]

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Software installation on Linux Mint Digest

apt-get:  sudo apt-get install program This command is just a terminal version of the Software Manager; any program installed this way also shows up in the Software Manager and will also be updated by the Update Manager. . Synaptic: The Software Manager and Synaptic Package Manager both work in the same way under-the-hood. The Software […]