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Best free Tiling and splitting images software

Hi there!

I needed a powerful software for splitting images and I have found out that these two systems are the best:

Online service:

(this site has 32*32 splitting limitation…)



TileMage Image Splitter is a freeware program designed to offer a simple solution for those who seek to slice a single image into a given number of columns and rows.

TileMage Image Splitter:

  • Can process multiple image files in a single run (Batch Mode) [NEW]
  • Can generate a HTML <table> with the new tiles
  • Offers a simple and easy-to-use GUI (Graphic User Interface)
  • Offers the AutoMatch feature in order to hide column and row numbers that aren’t fully compatible with the loaded source image
  • Allows entirely customizable output file naming patterns
  • Allows loading and saving image files of seven different image formats
  • Is 100% free of charge

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